I was fascinated by the thoughts of having some literally struggles in life. Not to feel the pain of obstacles but instead the excitement through these.

There’s so much failure in plans before we finally had this moment again. I am so happy to meet them for a trip after a year!

One of them organized this mountain climbing plan that we have been wanting before. He decided to share us a blog about this mountain and this got us beguiled by the chance of witnessing the sea of clouds on it and so we tried.



It was Saturday, 2:30 in the afternoon when we started to climb the mountain. This was honestly not the time we supposed to start but because of reasons, we ended up like this- not following the itinerary.

First part was smooth that leads us to Sangab Cave. It was a small cave with not so much stalactites inside but is enough to get fresh in before really going up to the mountain. From there, we begun to walk through different trails.

Since this was not a mountain for the beginners like us, we took a break for every 20-30 minutes to energize ourselves and of course, have lots of pictures! We find ourselves captivated by the view from the mountain and this makes us too amazed to not snap a part of it.

Moving forward, we reached the top where we can put up a tent since the sun slowly goes down the horizon. That was beautiful because the sun was still perfect to watch from our spot.

Another day had come and we were expecting to witness the sea of clouds. Sadly speaking, we saw the thing but from the other mountain in Tanay. We got nothing to do but to stay from our spot and capture it. It was still a beautiful day to finally reach the highest peak of the mountain, very exciting!

sea of clouds

We decided to leave our things inside the tent for convenience with ate- guarding our belongings. After an hour and a half, we were able to step up to the peak with a major trail of climbing up through rocks – behind is danger zone.

This was a moment of amazement and freedom. It was like, all your problems had vanished by the fresh air that you could wish, everyday should be like this. This was the feeling above of everything.



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