Baguio 2016

On the 12th day of February, 2016, my partner and I visited Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines to celebrate our special day.

That was my first time in the city whilst my partner was at his third time, however he’s still not completely familiar at the town. And so, with the help of the owner of Traveller’s Transient House (on facebook page) where we stayed, we had a guide and a list of tourist spots to visit.

Mines View 
(Breathtaking View)

The first on the list was The Mines View. Here you can capture a lovely view of what is known as Benguet’s gold and copper mines. At some part, You will find Igorots wearing their native attire and encouraging the tourists to have photographs with the same attire, but with fee. (Ofc, We tried it! Haha) You can also buy a strawberry taho inside, the taste was so good!

For about 10-15 mins of riding a jeepney from Mines View, we went to The Mansion. With its beautiful gardens and main gate which has to be a replica from Buckingham Palace in London, it is a nice spot to take pictures.

The Mansion
(I forgot to capture the main gate alone! Hahaha)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Wright Park
(Pool of Pine)

A walking distance from The Mansion is the Wright Park. There is a shallow “Pool of Pines”, that was elongated and also tall pine trees standing both sides of the pool. Beautiful! Isn’t it?

Am I the only one who is always truly amazed by seeing a long and wide stairways? I love it for it defines how difficult life is and how easy just to go down. (Sad life, jk! hahahaha)

But seriously, there is really a wide stairway descends to a place, where ponies are rented out.

Wright Park
(Stairway to Ponies!)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
(It’s a little taste of strawberry Ice ream)

Since my partner never gives me even a petal of flowers, (yeah, he’s obviously not a typical kind of guy but that doesn’t mean he’s not sweet at all) I asked him to bring me at Botanical Garden.  This place was perfectly made for you to sit down and tranquilized by numerous plants and trees. There he bought me one of the confections, strawberry ice cream! Well, it is a little taste of being out of the woods. Hahahaha.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Botanical Garden

Laperal House
(Bamboo Museum)

Moving forward, and the sun was almost hiding. We passed by this haunted house. Its color was beige before but now, it was painted to white. I quite felt the goose bumps in here but we decided to go through and find what’s inside and up the house.

On the ground floor were astounding sight of Ifugao bamboo arts that make this house looks like a real Bamboo Museum. Incredible!

There is also a narrow staircase inside, but rooms where it leads were closed that time. Thank God because I was still a little scared that moment and my partner always keeps on going. (I did not punch him out of his curiosity but I almost do!) And the house was at its closing time so we went out, finally. *sigh*

It has been a long day for the both of us and we need to defeat starve. On our way to transient house, we chanced upon this 50’s Diner Restaurant. The ambiance inside was made of old posters and the foods were good at inexpensive prices.

  50’S Diner
(I’m not good at capturing, and not a foodporn that’s why haha)

    Baguio, you are so cool! And beautiful of course!


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