Summer 2016

I’m just gonna share how my summer ends this year.

Matabungkay Beach Resort (Luyahan Lian, Batangas)

It was started the moment when my soulsister from Batangas invited us, her friends to spend the weekends to their vacation house- near the beach at Lian, Luyahan.

But as the typical way of planning, we ended up just the four of us due to others were not able to take a leave on that particular date we planned. (ugh) We thought it wouldn’t be more exciting without them but moving on, it became so much fun despite of everything!

On the first day, we witnessed the sunset and saw a four-legged starfish! So cute! (Haha)

And on our last day, we snorkel and set eyes on beautiful corals 20-30 ft below. I wish I could capture them with my eyes.


Processed with VSCO
Sunrise meets my beau
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Mesmerized by the person who captured
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One out of million sunsets

Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club (Nasugbu. Batangas)

A month later I was given a chance to meet this beach with our company.


Laiya Beach (San Juan, Batangas)

Our family was honestly considering a beach not our kind of thing, it’s too expensive, we’re really a big family and it’s dangerous. But to at least quite feel the summer vacation, my parents, after almost five years (I guess), managed to have a family outing again. And there it goes.

Burot Beach (Calatagan, Batangas)

So the Summer almost ends and unexpectedly, my other friends were planning to get on Burot Beach. I almost declined them owing to full of discouragements (in reviews) about it, but who cares? It’s not about the experience they have got but the experience we will create with the beach! Hahaha. And no regrets, we were all chanced upon this beautiful beach with islands of what they called “Starfish” that’s literally have lots of starfish, “Mini Boracay” and “Sand Bar” with pure white sand.

FYI, this unexpected plan was so perfect! Because that day was the last day in public of the beach. The SM will develop it for more tourists (inevitably like Pico De Loro for High-end), at least we experienced it in a cheaper price! So thankful!

Processed with VSCO
His friends since high school were so cool! Hahaha
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Nice to meet you Burot!

Hundred Islands (Alaminos, Pangasinan)

The summer was over and it’s raining almost everyday. The thing was, my girlfriends in the office would like to have an out-of-town escapade. They planned to go somewhere in Quezon, Zambales or Batangas (again? No not this time!), so I decided to suggest Pangasinan, particularly in Hundred Islands because I’ve never been there same thing with them.

The plan had been settled, there was Kuya Kit (our driver) and a transient house (got from facebook) with only 500 pesos! And that was 24 hours with us, 12 pax. The owner of transient house was also offering swimming gears and rented boat for Island hopping.

We had been to many islands, such as Marcos, Governor’s, Old Scout and so much more, This escapade was a total of 1000 pesos only. 🙂

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
I really had a whale of a time with them ❤
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Hey sand-day buddy!

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