Ice Cream Man

7 PM Commemorative Thing

So the moment I was writing this one, the ambiance was cold, there was pouring rain outside and everything was in tranquility. I was about to get rest to prepare for Monday tasks as I was lying in my bed, staring at the wall and oh, one thing was suddenly occurred to me. Poignancy, there was a poignant story that I can still remember.

I was a grade school student then who had always been an average one with a very norm kind of habit to bring on all the requirements., in that way, I maintained to be involved in the highest section. Dismissal was my cup of tea, logically, it meant I survived a day.

I often forgot to get my foot socks off my shoes on my way home. The reason, I felt so excited to buy an ice cream in front of a church nearby school. I used to keep a 5-peso coin to ensure and help “Kuya Willie” to sold completely his ice cream  with regular flavors of cheese, ube and chocolate.

Kuya Willie was an old man, alone in his life but he  often shared that he has an adult child and once a wife. He was in late 60’s, a Christian and choose to sell ice cream. With this, all money he’d saved would be for the bible he planned to give to random children who bought ice cream to him. This was inspiring, and I was kinda pity him for not always completely selling out his business.

There was a time when the rain pours and I had a cold. It was around 5pm and I had 20 pesos in my pocket, together with the friends I was with, I had decided to treat them an ice cream from Kuya Willie. As I saw his ice cream in the cart, it seems that no one had bought to him in that particular time. My heart was hurting, it was painful to see him beaming whilst giving us the ice cream I bought for my friends. Despite of the rain, he was managed to keep on selling. I had always hoped that everyday, parents would give their child at least a 5-peso coin and right on time, Kuya Willie will pass their way and they will buy a confection to Kuya Willie. How I wish I could also buy all of them either.

Right now, I don’t know where he is. I remember how I met him, but I forgot how exactly the moment was when I last saw him. But wherever he is, I wish he’s having a good time. No not good, but better than before.


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