Random Stuff

July 11, 2016


Today’s Life

It takes me two and a half hours to get home tonight.

Namiss ko tuloy ang Baguio. Walang traffic, walang rush hour and wala naman nako ron. It is not quite acceptable to encounter a huge traffic everyday here in Metro Manila. Pero kasi ang laki na ng populasyon sa Pilipinas. Ayoko namang mamatay di naman agad luluwag sa Pilipinas pag nagkaganon. Konting disiplina lang, aayos din tayo.

So I was bummed out early this morning, going to work as I saw a woman senior citizen sitting right onto the exit-step of a jeep with some other guys. Ayoko mag judge like there might be inhumane people inside the jeep that couldn’t just give up one seat for her. O sige, hindi nalang inhumane, insensitive nalang para medyo light. Pero sh*t lang. She is a senior citizen who’s inevitably finding her way to at least be respected by anyhow younger people. You might say “kasalanan nya, pinilit nya pang sumakay e” or “baka naman lahat talaga sobrang nagmamadali kaya inunahan si nanay” how I wish I was there- inside- to actually give her a seat. But I have to accept the truth one way or another that neither equity nor equality is defining the world right now.

Nakakainis lang, traffic na nga, late ka na, then maaawa ka pa sa mga masasaksihan mo. Ugh.



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